Annual Catholic Appeal Funds Have Benefited St. Patrick Parish


Financial Assistance Received

St. Patrick Parish/St. Michael Mission Financial Aid Received    Total # 327,240
  $   2,824 Priest Salary Subsidy 2006
  $ 16,944 Priest Salary Subsidy 2007
  $ 21,472 Priest Salary Subsidy 2008
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2009
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2010
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2011
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2012
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2013
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2014
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2015
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2016
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2017
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2018
  $ 26,000 Priest Salary Subsidy 2019
Grants Received:  Total $ 91,150
  $ 10,000 Grant St. Michael Mission Wall Repair - 2008
  $ 10,000 Grant St. Michael Mission Roofing Project - 2009
  $ 10,000 Grant St. Patrick Church Fence / Flooring Projects - 2010
  $   7,500 Grant St. Patrick Church - Yellow Building Demolition - 2011
  $ 10,000 Grant St. Patrick Church Stained Glass Windows Painting Project - 2012
  $ 10,000 Grant St. Michael Mission - Heating / AC Unit Project - 2013
    $   9,600 Grant St.Patrick Church - Roof Leak Repair - 2015
  $ 9,550 Grant St. Michael Mission - Annex Refurbishment - 2016 
  $ 14,500 Grant St. Patrick Church Stations of the Cross Refurbishment         project - 2017




Bisbee / Naco Community Support

Catholic Community Services Domestic Violence Shelter – Douglas, Sierra Vista
Victims of Domestic violence find safe shelter, a safe haven that removes them from domestic violence situations.  This shelter has been helpful to parishioners and community members. 

Catholic Community Services Pastoral Ministry
Parishioners who find themselves in Tucson Hospitals are visited by priests, deacons, or lay ministers who serve their needs by offering comfort, prayer, and Holy Communion to our sick. 


Pastoral Services Support

Office of Bishop
Our Bishop has pastoral and canonical responsibilities to St. Patrick Church / St. Michael Mission and he is able to fulfill these duties due to the funding support received from the Annual Catholic Appeal. 

Office of Chancellor
This office provides direction and coordination so that the work we do at the parish/mission level supports the Bishop’s ministries and priorities.  Deacon Tony works very closely with Anne Terry Morales J.D. our Chancellor to ensure our faith community serves and operates in a manner that complies with our Bishops expectations.

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate
Our 4 deacons have access to pastoral support, formation help and continuing education at no expense to the parish.

Participating adults are able to have their thirst for Christ quenched because we have Catechists who receive religious education training and formation through workshops/seminars sponsored by pastoral services of the Diocese.

Religious Education
Participating children are able to be formed in the faith because we have a Catechists (Teachers) who receive religious education training and formation received through workshops/seminars sponsored by pastoral services of the Diocese.

Pastoral Services – Liturgy
Our clergy and lay minsters have access to and participate in workshops/seminars offered through the Department of Pastoral Services of the Diocese.  This training helps to enhance the liturgies we celebrate at St. Patrick / St. Michael.

Office of Religious Women
This office is the liaison to the Bishop for all Women Religious including those who live and minister in our parish and greater Bisbee / Naco community.

Office of Human Life and Dignity
This office works with our parish as we support and live the social teachings of the church.

The Office of Tribunal
This office helps our people who are separated, divorced and/or planning a future marriage.  The most common assistance for our parishioners is with Annulment Petitions.

Archives Office
Parishioners are able to request and receive copies of Sacramental records that are no longer available at our parish business office.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Provides support so we can live the work of the church.  








 'Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.'

       Matthew 25:40


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